Sit with Lissa and tell her your story!
Season 3 – Filming begins in March!
Storytelling itself has a unique power to engage. Imagine if we could come together to tell our stories as a community — to be a part of something that matters to all of us. Our Town boasts an abundance of individuals and groups who give something special, important, and generous to others. Therefore, we should encourage all Los Gatans to share their stories of inspiration and contributions which make up the fabric of this community.
KCAT TV believes that telling and sharing stories brings everyone together. We are a powerful platform for collaboration, opening up the possibilities to make our voices, perspectives, beliefs and passions more interactive and social. We provide opportunities for our viewers and followers to benefit from stories we share.
So, go ahead and NOMINATE yourself or someone you know who has inspired you by their amazing acts of kindness within our town. It may be a family member, a BFF, a neighbor, an immigrant story or a special volunteer who helps others at a local non-profit.
Sign up below… It’s easy, free and open to the community.
If you nominate someone else, tell us about that person! They will see the kind words you write and receive a link to schedule their interview time.

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